The emergent tendency of new and innovative adaptation projects is explored in this chapter as a creative laboratory that learns from applied solutions in order to inform future decisions. Adjacent to the systematization process in types and categories of flood adaptation measures applicable in the design of public spaces, worldwide examples of applied designs were gathered.

This chapter therefore presents and briefly characterizes a selected range of examples of public space design projects that encompass flood adaptation purposes. It is a specifically targeted “Portfolio Screening” based on empirical data collection that is essentially sustained by site visits, bibliographical reviews, networking and interpretative sketches. All examples entail the transposition of uncertainty and its apparent impediments into public spaces of multifunctional qualities and uses, and all examples serve as solid grounds for the assessment of adaptation action.

Overall, the examples provided are not meant to offer an exhaustive collection but rather a significant sample of designed solutions that endorse further reliable research and decision making in climate change adaptation endeavors.