There is unending scope to use radiofrequency surgery modality. From the common applications as one gets the feel of the technique and experience builds up, it is just the question of correct use of waveform, electrodes, and power with which one can vastly expand one’s practice. Histopathology of the concerned lesion to be treated is vital before planning a radiofrequency excision or desiccation. Finally, whatever the aforementioned parameters used, the skillful use or the art of use of the electrode matters when one wants to deliver cosmetically superior results. Experience allows one to expand applications from the most superficial freckles to xanthelasma, syringoma, comedones to infective lesions of molluscum contagiosum, warts to vascular lesions of capillary hemangioma, pyogenic granuloma to thickened lesions of keloids, hypertrophic scars, rhinophyma, hypertrophic lichen planus, prurigo nodularis, chronic lichenified eczema to mucosal lesions of mucocele to many more like ear lobe repair, gray hair epilation, ingrown toenails, telangiectasia, and basal cell carcinoma. The best technique to remove all these lesions is briefly covered with practical finer tips along with a wide range of case study photos for perfect understanding.