Radiofrequency surgery is well known for certain applications because of the ease of treatment and the superiority of the results. I call these applications radiofrequency commonality, because anyone who uses radiofrequency surgery in practice must be thoroughly acquainted and perfect in delivering the best results. Even if a practitioner is perfect with these applications he or she cannot only have a good name or generate handsome revenue but can also develop newer applications as well. This chapter gives a stepwise procedure for treatment of moles, warts (verrucae of all types), skin tags or acrochordons, dermatosis papulosa nigra, milia, corns, calluses, keratosis (actinic and seborrheic), and sebaceous cysts. Routine methods of removal are also followed by newer or alternate methods whenever applicable. A collection of case study photos gives a clear idea of on-table best results, which ultimately lead to excellent outcome.