This text is primarily aimed at first year undergraduates studying biology, biochemistry, or related subjects, with chemistry as a subsidiary course. Although the text is likely to be a useful companion for studies in later years of such courses it is unlikely that readers of this book will require an in-depth knowledge of many of the topics we have included, or require to consult original articles. Consequently in compiling a ‘further reading’ list we have only included textbooks. There are very many textbooks that cover, in a comprehensive manner, organic, inorganic, and physical chemistry as separate topics. For the most part these are not included here, the reader is simply advised that many excellent texts exist. Rather textbooks are identified that have useful introductory material only, or have been written specifically with biological sciences students in mind. The only exception to this is in the speciality of spectroscopy. As spectroscopic techniques are likely to be important throughout biological sciences courses a number of books dealing with this subject matter are included. This is by no means an exhaustive list but does include many of the texts regularly referred to by the authors in their teaching of chemistry to biology and chemistry students.