Forest management and the forest industry in Indonesia have undergonesignificant policy shifts that will have both present and future effects.Efforts have been made to achieve justice in the forestry business, such as promulgating a new policy on the redistribution of forest assets. Yet there is one condition that has made forest resources increasingly vulnerable: the growth of looting and timber theft, which has increased business uncertainty. Meanwhile, weaknesses in forest conservation efforts remain an important issue needing speedy resolution, through both policy improvement and implementation and through other measures. The following questions are then raised:

• What are the fundamental problems of forest management in Indonesia? • Do the policies that have been implemented over the last two years consti-

tute a solution to the problem of forest management as a whole? • If they are deemed inadequate, is this because the substance of the policies

has not changed in principle or because the preconditions for policy implementation are not in place?