U ganda has implemented innovative economic and agricultural reforms, making the country one of the showcase studies in Africa (Dijkstra and van Donge 2001). In the case of land markets, Uganda’s Land Act of 1998 is one of the few land laws enacted in Africa with an objective of giving land users full ownership and rights in order to promote a more secure and free land market. This is contrary to the land policies in many African countries where the land is owned by the government and the land operators are given only user rights (e.g., Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Zambia). In Chapter 7 we learned that both land sales markets and land rental markets are active in Uganda. Chapter 11 investigated how the more restricted land rights in Ethiopia with prohibition of land sales and restrictions on duration of land rental contracts may affect management of rented land. In this chapter we assess land management on rented land under the less restrictive Ugandan land policy regime.