With the increasing growth of women’s consumption power in both China and Taiwan, more and more managerial practices are focusing on the female market so as to gain more market shares. However, under the influence of Confucius, a woman is taught to obey her father before marriage, obey her husband after getting married, and then obey her son as a widow. A woman belongs to the family and should not have any intellectual self-determination. On the other hand, according to the communists, women should “hold up half of the sky”; after being inundated with communist ideology for more than 50 years, women were empowered to be equally responsible in society. Yet during the further acculturation of Western individualism in the 1990s, women started to behave however they wanted and enjoyed an independent role free from misogynistic ancient values. How all these conflicting philosophies influence women’s consumption values in China is one of the purposes of this study.