History, in the making, is of most enthralling interest to the makers but mere onlookers display a disconcerting indifference to the process. No small proportion of those who might, for the looking, see something, appear to those concerned to turn away their eyes deliberately. There are all sorts of reasons for this besides willful closed-mindedness. It is improbable that any single soul ever proclaimed to himself, "I will not try to see things are they are: I prefer to hold a prejudiced, distorted and self-interested view of what is taking place in my own time and surroundings." Few even admit,

I am too mentally indolent to look, or think, about what I see; above all, too morally indolent to encounter the misinterpretation and criticism of those in my own circles by seeing things as they do not see them, and doing things "not done" by them. For me, the line of least resistance, please. The side in power must be right, especially if it be the side where my belongings, human and material are.