I’m going to talk in a way that may seem to some of you abstract or theoretical. Usually I, too, feel impatient of theory and concerned that people relate what they say today to what they, personally, are going to do tomorrow. But at this conference I feel differently. If our discussion is limited to problems which arise in daily resistance work, then we tacitly take for granted our present definition of that work. This procedure will not serve if we want to take a fresh look at how that work has been defined. My own conviction is that this is an historical moment when the Resistance must make an intellectual leap and newly define its work on a multi-issue, multi-class basis. It cannot do that, so it seems to me, without some notion of the kind of society it ultimately wants to create, of the historical forces working for and against the attempt to achieve that vision, and of a coherent strategy, however tentative, for getting from here to there.