The attractive, nicely groomed cowpoke rides resolutely into view on our television screens, traversing beautiful mountain country. He swings off his horse and glares accusingly into the camera. “Some people like to come up here for a couple of weeks to ‘get away from it all’ and ‘get back to nature,”’ he says with a sneer. “Well, I live here!” He produces a box of Grape-Nuts from his saddlebag and starts telling us about his with-it, back-to-nature lifestyle and his closeness to the land. While popping bits of cereal into his mouth, he tells us haughtily that Grape-Nuts fits his lifestyle perfectly. He looks down his nose at the presumably quivering television audience and issues a brutal challenge: “You see, it’s obvious that Grape-Nuts is right for you. The question is, are you right for Grape-Nuts?”