Three years ago, when the authors of this book started brainstorming about its content, divergences about what “evaluation cultures” could be were certainly apparent in the group. Indeed, the differing background of authors played a role, as well as their empirical experience of evaluation. The evaluation community contains a diversity of professionals; a diversity that is not just represented in national or ethnic culture but also in academic backgrounds, public and private sector allegiances, and personal character. The group of authors and this book represent, in part, this diversity and we have included contributions that demonstrate a range of views about evaluation and thoughts about culture. These contributions demonstrate a mix of the empirical and the analytic, that draw upon the wishes of senior practitioners to share their reflections on their practice and experience with academics to put forth challenges. At the end of the day, however, the chapters we hope present a consistent—if not exhaustive—attempt to give analytical and empirical sense to a topic that is often discussed but usually only in passing and seldom in any depth.