Since the church father’s corporal resurrection was a necessary part of Christian eschatology. According to a consensus among theologians the soul together with its body was to be rewarded in heaven or hell. But what would this future body be like, which had to remain the old body in its essence and material continuity? Like their medieval predecessors the Jesuits devoted many quaestiones of their Cursus theologici on this special issue of the body-soul-problem. How sensual experiences could take place in an area, which excluded alterations and couldn’t allow a medium? How the traditional qualities of the resurrected flesh, agilitas, claritas, subtilitas and impassibilitas could be explained, according to the laws of contemporal physics? The paper takes Francesco Suárez, the Ingolstadt Jesuit Adam Tanner and Rodrigo Arriaga as examples of the living debate on this subject among the Jesuits.