This book has aimed to conceptualize the relationship between populism and territory-related dimensions in order to develop a new perspective for understanding current trends in party mobilization across Europe. What role does the territorial dimension play in state-wide populist party mobilization? How do regionalist and state-nationalist claims interact with populist discourses? A common denominator is found in their equation of “the people” with certain ideas of ethnos and territory and their antagonistic relationship with elites, including both internal elites and those external to the territory in question. However, the analysis reveals that the relationship between populism and territorial dimension is varied and complex. In line with the main objective set out in the introductory chapter, this conclusion will first highlight the importance of populism in regionalist mobilization before going on to show the crucial influence of the territorial dimension in shaping populist strategy. Finally, it will summarize the contributions made in this book to the scholarship on links between nationalism, regionalism and populism.