A project was undertaken to replicate and extend the Derbyshire study (see Chapter 4), and to examine the various possibilities of establishing the technique with greater economy of service delivery, and hence on a much wider basis. Led by a senior educational psychologist, the project was carried out by him, three remedial support teachers and the author, who was responsible for the research design and statistical analysis. The aim of the study was to show that those children who take part in a Paired Reading programme do better on a variety of parameters than a group of children who do not, and to this end hypotheses were posed to examine the effect of Paired Reading on three facets of reading age: accuracy, comprehension and rate; and also on self-concept as an indicator of attitudes and relationships. It is reading accuracy and comprehension that are of first interest in this present account; details of other aspects may be found in the original documentation of the project (Carrick-Smith, 1982).