Sport, at all competitive levels, is replete with incidents of antisocial behaviour. For example, international cricket fans will be well aware of an instance of antisocial behaviour (i.e. ball tampering, cheating) by the Australian cricket team during a test match versus South Africa in March 2018. Many UK rugby fans would also have witnessed Ben Flower punching his opponent Lance Hohaia in the face twice, during the 2014 Rugby League Grand Final, and Tom Williams faking a blood injury to enable an against-the-rules player substitution in the Heineken Cup quarter final a few years earlier. Admirable incidents of prosocial behaviour also occur in sport. For instance, at the 2016 Rio Olympics, in a qualifying race for the 5,000 metres, New Zealand’s Nikki Hamblin tripped and fell over, accidentally tripping up USA’s Abbey D’Agostino. The latter athlete got up quickly, but instead of running on ahead, to take advantage of her opponent’s fall, she stopped momentarily to help Hamblin to get up.