Practising of judo is based on kata and randori. Kata teaches techniques and principles of judo while maintaining its original form through time and judo evolution. This chapter presents a short history of judo kata, an outline of the Kōdōkan kata, and a discussion on the value of kata training. The Kōdōkan judo kata considered are: Nage no kata, Katame no kata, Kime no kata, Ju no kata, Kōdōkan Goshin jutsu, Koshiki no kata, Itsutsu no kata, Seiryoku Zenyo Kokumin Taiku No Kata. The value and application of judo kata on judo training explains that kata serves for the learning and adoption of the judo technique principles. The techniques and principles of kata adapt to using the judo technique and principles in practising randori and shiai. Kata also has a great influence on mental development and the development of concentration.