A willingness to talk openly, and at length, about the process of conducting research, has been a particular feature of qualitative social science in recent years. In part, this can be attributed to the influence of feminist researchers who have demonstrated a concern with recording the subjective experiences of conducting research (Maynard and Purvis, 1994; Roberts, 1981). This chapter follows in this tradition and reflects upon my experiences of conducting ethnographic research with women awaiting trial which was informed by a feminist perspective. It documents the natural history of a research project from the initial stages of the research design through to the production of the final ethnographic account. The settings in which this took place include three bail hostels (Carlton House, North Street Hostel and Victoria House - all pseudonyms) and one remand centre. With the exception of North Street Hostel which was a hostel for both female and male bailees, the settings only accommodated women.