Strategic decision making has long received the attention of the organizational sciences. Barnard (1938) worked on it before the Second World War, and later Simon (1947, 1957) and March and Simon (1958) published many books and articles. In the past twenty years, contributions have been made to the study of strategic decision making by many disciplines and from many points of view (e.g. Allison 1971; Cohen et al. 1972; Mintzberg et al. 1976), while recently a number of important books have been published (e.g. Heller et al. 1988; Hickson et al. 1986; Quinn et al. 1988; Schwenk, 1988). This activity, however, has not led to a generally accepted theory of strategic decision making. The works of such authors as Weick (1979) and Morgan (1986) even raise the question of whether such a theory can be found.