When we set out to plan this book two years ago, we did so with a sense of urgency as we observed the increasing rise of anti-immigration, racist, xenophobic, and Islamophobic popular discourses and populist, nativist, and right-wing political rhetoric and movements proposing legislation to further solidify structural inequality and institutionalized systems of oppression already in place. We were and continue to be deeply troubled by these dynamics. Within a swelling neoliberal context, we have seen a rise in ultra-nationalist discourses rooted in a racist ideology—an outgrowth of racial cleansing and racial purity ideology that have experienced a resurgence and form the basis for policy and language used to promote what Giroux (2018) calls an anti-immigration logic. More recently, as Ambrosini (2018) notes, the so-called refugee crisis has dramatically exacerbated this trend provoking alarm in public opinion and demanding protection at national borders and “tougher” stances against asylum seekers and immigrants.