SANZ Live (South Africa New Zealand Live) is a South African radio program in Auckland, New Zealand, attracting a migrant audience who mostly self-identifies as Coloured South African. 1 Using a combination of radio broadcasting, digital media, and South African cultural events, SANZ Live enables its Auckland audience to make a sense of place in their new home. A sense of place is defined as a physical, emotional, and social identity connected to a place, which facilitates belonging through communication, community, and routine (Adams, 2009; Howley, 2010). The findings of a case study of SANZ Live demonstrate unexpected consequences of its activities. The SANZ Live audience is transcending the ethnic divisions imposed by apartheid and is cultivating a new collective identity, omitting South African ethnic labels. Furthermore, the management skillfully applies in-depth technical knowledge to use a variety of digital platforms, and as a consequence, a transnational ethnic migrant community has emerged.