A recent review of the role of research in education concluded that research carried out by teachers has the potential to make a major impact on their practice and the resulting quality of learning taking place (British Educational Research Association and the Royal Society of Arts (BERA-RSA), 2014a). However, progress towards establishing evidence-based practice within education has proved to be a slow process, with many barriers to overcome (BERA-RSA, 2014b). The development of your practice and identity as a teacher can be enhanced by engagement in research and this chapter is designed to support you in that process. Objectives

At the end of this chapter you should be able to:

understand key principles of research in education;

develop research designs to investigate research questions that are important to you in your own educational context;

ensure that your research attains high ethical standards.

Check how the information in this chapter enables you to meet the requirements for your first year of teaching.