Classical music developed substantially in the last 450 years. In today’s context, successful fundraising campaigns have led to more classical music performances being offered at subsidized prices, and in the process, create better access to the benefits of the artform. The chapter begins with an introduction of the various types of fundraising in the arts, including grants from government and private foundations, corporate sponsorships, equity financing, and IP rights, as well as donations and crowdfunding. Thereafter, the chapter proceeds to present the current state of classical music fundraising in Hong Kong and Macao, with case studies of five unique classical music organizations, namely, Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, Music Lab, Macao Orchestra, Macau Band Directors Association, and Macau Strings Association. The case studies further trigger critical reflections on the current challenges and future possibilities of classical music fundraising in these two East Asian cities. The chapter concludes with longer-term perspectives on fundraising in the performing arts in general.