Based on a Berlin mom lifestyle blog, this media and image analytical contribution investigates manners of representation of families in the context of their living space. According to market research reports, the trend of marketing lifestyle as a commercial good respectively content began in the early 2000s. Over these years the number of bloggers who combine lifestyle and family in so called ‘mom blogs’ has been increasing, and it is generally mothers who turn to this business – sometimes very profitably. This phenomenon is taken up in the following contribution in which the interplay of living space, family, and creativity is focused.

By interpreting a selected photograph from the portrait in the German-speaking family lifestyle blog Littleyears, I ask about the contemporary representation of family in lifestyle blogs using the example of living style with the aid of iconographic methods: which stylistic and aesthetic means do the bloggers use to conceptualise families as creative? The chapter analyses the enactment of an authentic, creative taste which emphasises the exceptionality of families and examines in how far blog portraits constitute representations of contemporary beliefs about creative family life.