There are several strategies to attain greater satisfaction from one’s work. While radical steps such as exiting the workplace and moving to another environment or starting one’s own business are sometimes useful solutions, the majority of workforce members cannot move as swiftly in and out of jobs as they might wish. This chapter suggests a strategy to build meaning and engagement by turning inward and engaging in a six-step process of insight-focused contemplations, which could enhance the quality of life at work for the practitioner as well as his or her colleagues. The six mindsets entail, (1) general awareness: the impermanence of everything; (2) specific awareness: the fickleness of positions; (3) holistic view: the ability to focus on the whole, and see past small irritations while recognizing the blessing of being where one is; (4) learning stance: the skill to understand that every seemingly negative occurrence serves a useful future purpose; (5) interconnectedness: the connection with others, even if they refuse to see it; (6) void: the awareness of one’s non-self.