This book is a collection of feminist essays on love which adds to the growing research forming the new fi eld of Love Studies, a fi eld reaching across disciplines in the academy. The aim is to interject a stronger feminist presence into studies on love, especially for those students and scholars interested in cultural studies, the social sciences, philosophy, and political theory. It involves an intervention into the direction of feminist theory as well. Without rejecting the insights of poststructuralism, the book represents a return to and deepening of the strand of materialist feminism which both includes and goes beyond the study of discourses. The aim is to focus on the material practices and embodied experiences of love, power, and domination in order to move towards liberation. In this introduction we will situate the book in the feminist theory debates from the 1970s forward as they are relevant to the new fi eld of Love Studies. In what follows we discuss the historical context of the book and frame the main issues it addresses.