In this chapter I will outline a feminist radical politics of Love that stems from a materialist feminist analysis of the contemporary patriarchal aff ective economy in its relation with white supremacist capitalist globalization. As I have argued in my earlier books Blood at the Root and Sexual Democracy (Ferguson 1989, 1991) the relationships that are formed in the creation and exchange of emotional, sexual, and aff ectionate energies and pleasures form a semi-autonomous system of meeting these human needs necessary for human wellbeing. This system, which I have called “sex-aff ective production” and now call the “aff ective economy,” is a bodily-yet-social exchange of energies and pleasures that overlaps with the biological reproduction of new human beings as well as the reproduction of those who are involved in the material economy of production of goods (what economists think of as the Economy proper). Social domination systems, such as male, racial, ethnic and national domination, are importantly embedded in the processes of the aff ective economy while at the same time preserving or undermining economic class power in material economic systems such as slavery, feudalism, capitalism, and certain types of totalitarian state socialism.1