When the neurological disorder, torsion dystonia, began threatening her speech and motor control in 1983, Pat Ranzoni, an 8th generation Hancock County woman, turned to computer writing as a primary means of expression. In addition to publications on her work as an education consultant and mental health counselor, Ranzoni found poetry helpful in coming to terms with changing views on life and language. She and her husband live with a flocklet of chickens and other creatures of the fields and woods on a homestead in Bucksport, Maine. Jean Stewart lifts herself from wheelchair to stool and reads for Women's History Month, University of Maine. In celebration of the passage of the Americans With Disabilities Act one could know, what they wheel for the academic sturning in surprise to our outbursts on the ADA: sweet sweat of liberation christening the threshold of the Center for the Arts whose director wasn't interested in Access Theater's dystonic Storm Reading last year.