In early 2011 several Arab countries went through important changes depending on their political regime and socio-economic contexts. What is called the ‘Arab Spring’ led to radical political changes in countries like Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and even Syria, but has had less spectacular consequences in other countries where protest movements also took place, like Bahrain, Algeria or Morocco. As early as February 2011 and following the popular upheavals in Tunisia and Egypt, Morocco experienced a social protest called the 20 February Movement (M20). This movement did not bring about radical change in the political system or in the very nature of the regime, but had several socio-political effects, some perceptible and others more diffuse. Claims and incidences concerning the M20 involved and affected each individual in society, and accordingly the condition and status of women in Morocco. What was the Moroccan women’s role in this movement? What was the impact of this movement on their status and in their everyday life? Today can one speak of a real change when it comes to Moroccan women after this protest movement?