This chapter explores how conceptualising ‘the moment’ in entrepreneurship contributes to understanding entrepreneurial processes of learning and creativity. The significance of ‘the aha moment’ in entrepreneurial behaviour is widely used at a popular level but is not well explored in relation to knowledge of human learning. The ‘moment’ is taken to be a point in time when we experience conscious mental awareness of what is going on, are aware and able to generate meaning from this, and to remember our thinking and responses.

The aims of the chapter are as follows:

To explore the connections between the concept of the moment in entrepreneurship with processes of learning and creativity.

To develop a framework which may be used to understand momentary perspectives in entrepreneurship.

To explore the implications for entrepreneurial education and practice.

This chapter originally appeared in Industry and Higher Education, Vol. 27, No. 6, pp. 407–420.

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Keywords: entrepreneurship, creativity, learning, narrative, emotion, moment