Drafted according to Mary S. (1824 110, 256) at Marlow in December 1817. The content of Additional Passages (b) and (c), however, suggests that these stanzas at least were written in Italy in spring 1818, and Locock argued that the use of paler-coloured ink indicated corrections or additions in other parts (Locock Ex 51-6). Like all S.’s poems in strict terza rima this one was never completed, and on 23 December 1819 S. sent a transcript of lines 1-124 to Oilier, under the present title and headed by a note explaining its non-completion (see note to line 124). The mutilated letter is quoted from SC vi 1097 with a conjectural reconstruction approximating the lost text: ‘I send you a little poem [for you to print at the end of ‘Julian] & Maddalo’ – which, indeed, was written some time af[ter it, but this