This chapter discusses the biography of the following philosopher: N. G. Chernyshevski, D. I. Pisarev, N. V. Chaikovski. Among them itfocuses on N. G. Chernyshevski. Nicholas Gavrilovich Chernyshevski was the son of a priest in the city of Saratov. His father intended him to take up a clerical life; but, seeing his son's outstanding abilities, he gave him a thorough education at home. In 1853 Chernyshevski began to write for two important journals of the time Sovremennik and Otechestvennyie zapiski, but after a short time he devoted himself exclusively to Sovremennik. Chernyshevski has often been forced into stylized systems by various branches of Russian radicalism, but he himself was broader than their systems. Chaikovski entered a period of acute ideological crisis. Chaikovski's evolution is not typical, but his religious searchings are typical, as is the disclosure of the religious thirst which existed in the depths of Russian secular radicalism.