EI Tablazo looked too close. It was approaching too fast. Exploding into the 14,000 ft. peak, the DC-4 disintegrated with a metallic scream. The Avianca Airlines flight bound for Quito, Ecuador flamed crazily into the deep ravine. For one awful moment the night of a cold Colombian mountain was illuminated. Then came darkness and silence. … Before leaving the airport earlier that day a young New Yorker named Glenn Chambers scribbled a note on paper from the floor of the terminal. The scrap of paper was a part of a printed advertisement which contained the single word “why?” in the center. Chambers quickly jotted a last minute note to his mother around that printed word, dropped it in an envelope, and into a mailbox before boarding. He assured her that there would be more to come about his lifelong dream of ministry with Voice of the Andes in Ecuador.… But there was no more to come. Between the mailing of that final note and its delivery to Mrs. Chambers, EI Tablazo had snagged his flight and life out of the night sky. The letter arrived later than the news of his death. So when the letter was opened only one question burned up at her with irony, “Why”.1