This chapter explores some of the strategies used by the Australian South Sea Islanders (ASSI) in negotiating these fundamental and paradoxical situations around representation, remembrance and commemoration of their history and identity and how these strategic negotiations have created, and continue to create, a landscape and unique culture, which he believe can be considered postcolonial. It focuses on two major events that occurred in Mackay the 2011 Recognition Day bus tour of ASSI heritage sites and the production, in 2013, of a commemorative pilgrimage tourist guide to these same sites. The chapter expresses that a case can be made that ASSI suffer trans-generational trauma and re-traumatization. It also expresses the need to learn to listen, to witness ASSI witnesses, in this new mode; one need to mobilise the tools of trauma theory and testimony. Bob Hodda's story about Rowallan Park and Ernie and Gertrude Mye's story about growing up at The Palms are two examples for applying his methodologies.