Integrity Therapy (Lander, 1986; Lander & Nahon, 1992a, 1995a; Mowrer, 1961b, 1964a) views the personhood of the therapist as the very essence of therapy. By meeting the deepest part of the therapist with the deepest self of individuals in therapy, a healing process unfolds which opens up the healing potential of both the individuals and the couple. This article offers couple therapists and other mental health professionals an Integrity Therapy perspective of the personhood of the therapist and its therapeutic potential for helping couples in distress to reclaim their personhood. Two aspects of the Integrity Therapy approach which play a critical role in enhancing therapists’ use of their personhood in the therapeutic process are explored: (a) the use 30of therapist self-disclosure, and (b) therapists’ awareness and therapeutic use of counter-transference issues. [Article copies available for a fee from The Haworth Document Delivery Service: 1-800-342-9678. E-mail address: <getinfo@haworthpressinc.com> Website: <https://www.HaworthPress.com">https://www.HaworthPress.com>]