This chapter addresses the issues related to leaving and recreating a home from the perspective of different kinds of movements, transformations, and diasporic ways of living. Global restructurings in the wake of neoliberal economic developments provide the main background for a discussion of contemporary global upheavals and displacements, and the concomitant mix of old and new understandings of bordercrossing, multiple or hybrid identities, and neo/colonialism. The figure of the nomad is at the center of these discussions. The nomad is described as someone who carries home as an essential psychological belonging, and who can re-create home in diverse places, anywhere. To discern possibilities for forming multi-local, transnational communities does not mean to disregard the anguish of ambiguous, fractured national identities. Moreover, the promise of creating such communities is wedded to mobile mother's excruciating experiences of loss, separation, or abandonment. The stories of American Indians also contribute to the vision of a promising alternative future.