The Teambuild Competition provides a tested format that delivers client-centred inter-professional learning based on projects of social and technical design complexity. The brief for this annual competition is a 'live project' with real data and challenges, and the resulting presentations are judged by active construction professionals and clients. Chiles and Till argue in their case study for CEBE that the main limits to Live Projects are 'money, health and safety, and time'. Teambuild's complex technical scenario and design brief also tests participants' 'soft' skills: management, communication, listening, presenting. The principal aim of Teambuild is to improve competitors' knowledge of their professional context, and specifically to improve their 'soft' skills: listening and communicating effectively. Teambuild introduces young graduates to intensive working with their industry peers at an earlier stage than usually demanded in practice. Teambuild has found that sponsorship opportunities are attractive to a wide range of professional institutions, consultancies, manufacturers, and suppliers, in addition to training and educational trusts.