This chapter suggests that imagining is fundamental to human orientation towards the future. People face, and avoid, problems through imagining, however, imagining can be directed by cultural complexes which support or protect egos, their habits and social organisation. These complexes connect social transformation and self-transformation through similar patterns of problem solving or problem avoidance. Geoengineering appears to preserve the free-market culture complex of habits, powers and certainties, while currently suppressing creative alternatives and aiming to discredit shadow groups. Geoengineering is an imagining that projects the disorder of current life onto nature while seeking to control it. The Royal Society, as is common, divides geoengineering into two categories: solar radiation management (SRM) techniques that reflect a small percentage of the sun's light and heat back into space and carbon dioxide removal (CDR) techniques which remove CO2 from the atmosphere. It is supported by influential business people such as Bill Gates and Richard Branson.