This chapter examines the impact of historical context on emerging strategies against Islamic extremism in Germany. It describes the context in which local authorities in Berlin develop their preventive measures, looking specifically at the notion of Germany as a militant democracy with a substantial and enduring policy of countering extremism. The concept of militant democracy was introduced into the German constitution after the Second World War in the interest of safeguarding the democratic system. Yet protection as such required defining the object being protected. ZDK Society Democratic Culture has been a major player in countering extremism in Berlin. The ZDK's Community Coaching project offers communities and their respective practitioners support in strengthening processes of democratization. The ZDK conducted a series of measures in Neukolln to develop solutions for problems around neighbourhood conflicts, schools, mosques and more pragmatic issues of a socio-economic nature and addressed 35 cases from all over Germany but also with families of persons that are currently abroad.