This chapter explores the impact societal changes have had on idiosyncratic deals (i-deals), and discusses how contextual factors have impacted the rise and use of i-deals in the workplace. It describes the trend of individualization of society, which leads to individualization of the workplace, providing the necessary ground for i-deals in the workplace. While employees may be supported or hindered by their direct environment, such as coworkers, managers, and family, the chapter explains that i-deals are both the result of societal trends and are influenced by societal trends, particularly in the current global economic crisis. It shows how i-deals and interest in i-deals research have been inspired and to a great extent caused by societal changes and trends. I-deals have been described as the opportunity for personalization or customization of work arrangements that provide people with jobs and careers. The chapter elaborates on the theoretical assumptions underlying the functioning of i-deals in the workplace.