This chapter presents problematise approaches to event studies by engaging with the mobilities paradigm. It reviews and develops mobilities approaches to researching events. It develops the key concepts in terms of event mobilities specifically and discusses how event mobilities can be understood through a number of key theoretical ideas. Conceptualising mobilities is not just about recognising the interconnections between different forms of mobility such as travel and migration, but developing a more sophisticated ontology of the movements of people, places and things. The chapter explores five dimensions of the 'event in transition', namely 'interruptions', 'transitions', 'framings' and 'materialities', tempered by the acknowledgement that such mobilities are frequently grounded in the more routine aspects of social lives. Various planned and unplanned events can be conceptualised as interruptions in contemporary mobilities. Sebro examines the antagonisms between event transitions and mobilities in her study of necromobilities on the Thai/Burma border.