Our journey through life is encoded in our bodies just as the rings of a tree encode the life-story of that tree. If we grow up in an emotionally supportive environment our posture will be secure, our movements fluid and our speech expressive. We will also be at ease with our bodies, and enjoy an open connection between body and psyche. If we grow up in the wake of emotional trauma, it is a different story. Trauma, which is often defined as deep and lasting wounding resulting from overwhelming pain, can also sever our connection with our bodies. Trauma also shapes the way we think about our bodies. Secondary effects of trauma often involve somatic symptoms such as anxiety, chronic depression, fibromyalgia, migraines, skin disorders, eating disorders, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, mysterious allergies, developmental delays, hormonal imbalances, inhibited growth, sexual problems, flashbacks, nightmares, obsessions, muscles spasms, fear of intimacy, addictions aimed at self medicating, and more.