This chapter presents a conversation between A. Hatchard and Mrs. Annie Besant about Verbatim Report of the 'Two Nights Debate'. The Rev. A. Hatchard was to contend that the Jesus of the Gospels was a historical character, and Mrs. Besant would contend that he could not occupy that position. The author says that the Four Gospels, as one have them to-day, is substantially what Justin Martyr teaches here in the second century. Jesus of the Gospels is a historical person, and clearly the character of Constaatine cannot make, the historical character of Jesus either clearer or less accurate than my opponent can show it to be. Mrs. Besant does not believe in a great first cause and moral ruler of this world. Even those who accept and believe in the miracles of the Gospels pooh pooh modern ones, and pass them by with contempt.