Most eight-year-old children are pleasant to be around and more outgoing than they have ever been before. Eight-year-old children may appear to be emotionally fragile, because they get their feelings hurt easily by criticism or even constructive feedback. By the end of their eighth year, children's brains have reached ninety percent of their adult weight. Children start to slow down in their physical growth at around the age of eight, and wide differences are seen between children in height and weight. Although physical growth rate slows, middle age children continue improving in their gross motor skills. Eight-year-old children are usually curious about sexuality and they are very interested in their bodies. This age children show a gradual increase in logical thinking, in ability to learn through conversing with others, in learning strategies, and in memory. Eight-year-olds show some typical characteristics in their emotional development. Child-centered play therapy (CCPT) is widely practiced with children below the age of ten.