Social and gender theorist Rob Connell back in 1987 coined the term hegemonic masculinity', based on the work of the Italian Marxist theorist Antonio Gramsci. Simply stated, hegemonic masculinity is a culturally based way of organizing society, everything from ideologies, to institutions, to identities all to ensure male domination. In fact, hegemonic masculinity is more of a cultural ideal that, although it is first and foremost about male domination of women, also intersects with ideologies, institutions, and identities based on race, social class, nationality, religion, body type/size. We can see this hegemonic masculinity in everything from truck advertising, to sports, to Wall Street, to our foreign policy, to the interpretation of Christianity, to the rape culture on college campuses. The hegemonic masculinity' that we see embodied in capitalism is being critiqued by one in the role of what is expected to also exercise, or at least support, the same hegemonic masculinity.