This chapter provides both an historical and an ideological examination of emergent ideologies within evangelical environmental groups (EEGs) through an ideographic analysis of the manifestos of their coalitions to identify how they have clashed over environmentalism. Challenges to the Obama Administration's green initiatives are due to the influence of evangelical Christians on climate change. Evangelical Christians have historically been Protestants that relate born-again conversations, embrace biblical literalism, and commit to evangelizing the unsaved'. Conservative evangelicals articulate contempt for the science of global warming, interpret the Bible to absolve humans of planetary destruction, and economic development as a strategy of adaptation to environmental changes. The liberal articulation of what they call Creation care demonstrates that the successful reinterpretation of ideographs is dependent upon nimble articulations of ideographs for both liberal and conservative evangelicals. The power in articulating these same ideographs over time is that a very narrow conception of life is articulated by the white men representing the major evangelical organizations.