This chapter discusses that enter the Anthropocene Age of Man is a new name for a new geologic epoch one defined by our own massive impact on the planet. Most Anthropocene promoters accept that humanity as a species is exceptional, existing somehow outside of, over, and above nature', and, moreover, that eco-destructive activity is something innately human. The qualities said to be inferior then are projected onto another', with the paradigmatic other' being Nature as well as all humans who become aligned with her side of things. In several works, Australian ecofeminist theorist Val Plumwood, acknowledging her debt to indigenous thought, critiques the Western master consciousness' that denies human dependency on Nature and promulgates an alleged human hyper-separation' from and supposed mastery over Nature. Hierarchical and binary thinking dis-spirits; it severs wholes, results in brokenness and an ensuing objectification of all defined as Nature, including non-human as well as human beings.