Emerging from Chaos, the Greek Goddess Gaia was the Great Mother of all, giving birth to the entire Universe and subsequently the Earth. In returning our social identities to the material reality that all humans are first and foremost "creatures of the Earth" and by intersectionally traveling the fault lines through the gap' between Heaven and Earth, hence through Chaos, we re-situate ourselves firmly upon the earth. As social beings recognize that, how we collectively interpret our earth-based geographical surroundings including our bodies is inseparable from how we interpret ourselves. In addition, how we use the Earth to address our physical and social needs is inseparable from Global Climate Change (GCC), as the pieces explore in relation to the concepts of Place, Development, Farming, Food, and Pollination. It is not we humans who will Save the Earth', as repeated in the popular dialogue, but the Earth who will save us if we are willing to listen and learn.