This chapter evaluates the current state of research on the interfaces among culture, Spanish-language media use, and mediated environmental information aimed at Hispanics, identify gaps in the literature, and present an agenda for future research. It examines the current understandings about climate change perceptions, cultural processes, environmental concerns and behaviors, and the media's role in communicating environmental issues to Hispanics from a social scientific perspective one grounded in media studies. Hispanics are an increasingly politically and economically powerful sector in the USA; and they show higher levels of environmental concern compared to other racial groups. However, they also receive little, if any news on climate change and associated environmental issues in Spanish-language media. In Spanish-language corporate media, research has found almost a total lack of coverage of climate change, or packaged as something else for example, a health problem. However, from the audience side, public opinion surveys do not match the paucity of environmental coverage for Latino audiences.