Tlakaelel was the founder of Kalpulli Koakalko and In Kaltonal, the first Indigenous spiritual organization to be recognized by the Government of Mexico in 500 years. Tlakaelel is of the Tolteca-Chichimeca tradition, closely related to the group of Indigenous peoples of central Mexico. There are 56 Indigenous Nations in Mexico that still exist today, and 25 million Mexicans currently speak Indigenous languages. As a champion for the Indigenous peoples of the world, Tlakaelel saw a great commonality among all Indigenous peoples, in their beliefs and also in the way they have so often been decimated by the larger culture. In many ways, the Indigenous peoples are the 'canaries in the coal-mine' who are the first to show the negative effects of pollution and climate change. Already these changes, as well as cultural changes, are gravely affecting the Indigenous. Tlakaelel felt that causes of these changes are partly natural, but are negatively augmented by our unsustainable lifestyle on this small planet.