Air focuses attention on the connections between Attitudes, Philosophy, Pedagogy, Resilience, and Theory, and the ways in which these abstract concepts invisibly, yet substantially, infiltrate larger discussions and experiences of global climate change (GCC) as well as the social constructs of race, ethnicity, social class, gender, and other identities in very material ways. Just as air provides the necessary lift for birds to fly, Western outlooks and schools of thought create, support, and extend the reality of GCC, as well as the flight of the social narratives surrounding it. Bruno Takahashi and Juliet Pinto fill important gaps in the literature in Climate change, commercial news media, and Hispanics: An exploration of cultural processes and mediated environmental information. Tlakaelel's view of climate change demonstrates the resilience of traditional knowledges, with Bert Gunn providing insight into the syncretic indigenous teachings of Tlakaelel, who delivered globally traditional messages of care and connection.